The Weather

Kadavu has a typical South Pacific tropical island climate with the winter weather months being June to October and the summer being December to April.

Different times of the year bring different ‘ideal’ climatic conditions for all our adventure activities.


Typical summer weather

Summer weather and glassy seas

Summertime is usually characterized by calm settled weather with blue skies during morning, cloud bubbling up over the island in the afternoon and the occasional evening or night time heavy shower.

The air temperature generally reaches a peak of about 32 degrees in February with the water temperature peaking at about 30 degrees C (86F).


Fiji experiences South Easterly trade winds during the winter months. These trades vary in strength from a light breeze to a 20kt blow and usually last about 5-6 days.

Calm settled weather with a light Northerly breeze for a few days will usually followed a trade wind before the next trade picks up.

South Easterly (SE) trades usually mean breezy but sunny weather. Northerly winds mean calm seas and occasional showers as cloud over the hills is pushed over the coast.

The air temperature generally reaches a low of about 22 degrees in August / September though it can dip lower on rare occasions. Water temperature drops to a low of about 24 degrees.


The South Pacific can experience Cyclones when the water temperature exceeds 28 degrees. Cyclones therefore only occur in summer and tend to move fast, being through and gone within 24 hours. Cyclones in the South Pacific are far fewer in number than in the Northern hemisphere (hurricanes / Typhoons).

The Southern hemisphere averages less that a quarter of the number formed in the Northern hemisphere each year.

The resort always gets several days notice of the formation of any Cyclone anywhere in the South Pacific. We frequently monitor any Cyclones that do form and keep guests advised. The resort has taken a direct hit from a Category 2 Cyclone in the past but is well sheltered. A couple of banana trees fell over…

Weather guidelines

The following are some general weather guidelines.

Please note that in the tropics, though weather systems tend to be large and weather patterns stable & predictable, “s**t happens“.

Month Air Temperature (C) Water Temperature (C) Weather Comments
January 31 28 Calm, sunny, hot & humid
February 32 29 Calm, sunny, hot & humid
March 33 30 Calm, sunny, hot & humid
April 30 29 Cooler at night
May 28 28 Hot days, cooler nights
June 26 26 Warm days, Cool nights
July 24 25 Warm days, Cool nights
August 22 24 Often breezy, tradwinds
September 24 25 Sometimes breezy
October 26 26 Mixed bag!
November 28 27 Hotter days but not humid
December 30 28 Hotter days but not humid

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