Amazing Manta Reef

Our Signature Dive Site – Manta Reef is a site where our guests can dive and sometimes snorkel with Manta Rays all year round.  The reef is a feeding station but occasionally mantas stop for a clean above the reef. We have a resident population as well as occasional pelagic manta visits.

The site is a submerged reef outside of the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef  and is about a 40 minute boat ride from the Resort.

Manta Reef

The top of the reef is around 15m and the reef itself is covered in healthy hard and soft corals. Divers can explore a fun swim-through, large patches of clown fish and pristine hard corals and fans.   Expect to see giant mantas with up to 20ft wingspans as well as schooling fusiliers, surgeon fish, Indian Mackerel, Narrow barred mackerel, Dogtooth tuna as well as occasional sightings of pelagic species such as Pacific Sailfish and the occasional Great Hammerhead Shark.

Our divers and snorkelers head out after breakfast and do two dives on the reef with a one hour surface interval spent anchored up nearby in calm waters inside the barrier reef. The boat the returns to the Resort for lunch. We dive and snorkel Manta Reef at least once a week and try to ensure that all our guests get the opportunity enjoy this amazing encounter with giant manta rays.

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