Snorkeling The Reef

The Great Astrolable Barrier reef is the worlds 4th longest Barrier Reef and runs along the South side of Kadavu Island and up to the North Astrolabe Reef. consisting of 75 miles of pristine hard and soft corals, it creates extensive sheltered coral lagoons where guests can enjoy snorkeling over coral gardens filled with countless colorful reef fish, starfish and critters. There are 5 main passageways through the reef, all withing a short boat ride of Matava Resort.

Snorkeling Options

Matava Resort guests have several snorkeling options and all Resort Packages include free use of snorkel gear.

The area directly in front of the Resort, including Waya Island, is a Marine Reserve and has excellent snorkeling areas. Guests can snorkel out, take a resort kayak or we are happy to drop you by skiff. Between the resort and the fringing coral is an area of sea-grass. If you have a good eye and a bit of patience you can find seahorses hiding in the fronds ! The fringing coral hosts all the main species of fish seen out on the Barrier Reef as well as many juvenile species. If you keep an eye on the deep water you may see the occasional eagle ray or manta cruise by.

Snorkelers can also join the divers on one of the large dive boats each morning or we can run dedicated 3 hour boat snorkel trips out to some of our favorite snorkel sites on the Barrier Reef. Sites range from calm coral gardens to more adventurous snorkel sites in Barrier Reef Passageways where you can see White-tip and Grey Reef sharks, schooling jacks, barracuda and surgeon fish and even giant groupers.



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