Matava Resort offers access to several remote world class surfing reef breaks on the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef that face the predominant South Easterly swell.

There are five nearby passageways through the barrier reef and three of these can offer excellent reef break surfing. We run 3 hour boat surf trips on request at a time of day best suited to the tide and prevailing surfing conditions.

Intermediate to advanced surfing skills are required.

Surf sites

Soso Passage

The Left Hand break at Soso Passageway

Located around 20 minutes by boat from the resort , this site features left hand breaking waves that can be surfed on almost any wind direction, best on a southeast swell.

It can be surfed on both high and medium tide, has an average size of around 4-6ft and up to 10-12ft between June and September.

Rating: Friendly / Intermediate
Break: Left Hand
Surfable: Most states of the tide
Comments: Generally a predictable break and can be surfed by inexperienced surfers on a small day. Sometimes forms a beautiful barrel.

20 minute boat ride from the resort .

Vesi Passage

Surfing Kadavu

Vesi Left Hand

Located around 10 minutes by boat from the resort, this site has both left and right hand breaking waves.

The main break is predominantly left, holding quality waves of up to 12ft and is all power from top to bottom.

It can be surfed at the upper end of an incoming tide and is best on a northerly wind and a south-east swell.

Rating: Expert
Break: Left Hand
Surfable: High tide
Comments: Steep fast forming powerful wave. Vesi is nick-named ‘The Boardbreaker”.

10 minute boat ride from the resort

Naigoro Passage

Surfing Kadavu

Naiqoro Right Hand

Depending on its power and size is a thick, steep right hander. Works best on a south-west swell.

Rating: Intermediate
Break: Left or Right hand
Surfable: Top half of the tide
Comments: Pronounced ‘nangoro’ this is a good break when the swell direction is not working around the other reef breaks.

25 minute boat ride from the resort.

Other breaks

In addition to these three passageways, there are several reef breaks outside the barrier reef which offer excellent surfing when the conditions are right. These breaks are virtually unexplored and as yet, have no names.

The weather here plays a big part in surfing conditions.

Summer time (December – April) is the best time of year to surf with generally calm seas, offshore light breezes but relatively small swells.

Winter (June – September) sees larger swells but a strong trade wind can blow out the surfing for days. The average swell in summer ranges from 2ft to 5ft and the average winter swell ranges from 4ft to 10ft. A typical winter weather pattern is 5-6 days of breezy South East trade winds making surfing difficult followed by 1-2 days of light Northerly offshore winds with excellent surfing conditions.

Surfing is seasonal in Kadavu

We recommend that if you choose Matava Resort for a surfing holiday, you come over the summer months when conditions are predominantly good. Winter time, particularly June to September, can be a bit of a gamble on the weather.

Surfing here is wild, rugged and not for beginners but under the right conditions, is absolutely world class. There are no surf resorts nearby and you will almost certainly have any break to yourself.

If you do wish to surf here, you will need to advise the airline that you will be carrying a surf board. Fiji Airways (Fiji Link) does have some size restrictions which may prevent you from bringing a Longboard.

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