Honeymooners flock to Matava to enjoy the peace, quiet, privacy and serenity, so come and experience Paradise for yourself and discover the romance! Continue Reading …


Matava Wedding on private beach in Fiji
Throw off your shoes and stifling tradition by getting married in the sand at your own private Paradise!Be it a simple beach wedding for you and your partner at sunset or a whole extravaganza including exclusive booking for the entire resort, a dramatic arrival by the bride or groom from a neighbouring island and a grand wedding feast, anything you can dream of we can arrange. Continue Reading …

Romantic Getaways

Matava Wedding on private beach in Paradise

If you’re planning your wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway, you’ve come to the right place.

Matava is a haven for romance, peace and quiet. And there are no TV’s, phones, children, day guests, or party crowd to spoil your bliss. Continue Reading …