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Matava is different! Far from the hustle and bustle of modern day life, our guests get the rare opportunity to enjoy a real adventure on a remote undeveloped jungle covered island and explore one of the last remaining pristine coral barrier reefs on the planet.

Our environmental policies and community activities are winning global awards but there is always a balance between convenience and the environment. Hopefully this information will help you understand a bit more about a Matava adventure and help steer your decision as to whether it seems like heaven on earth to you or not ‘quite your cup of tea’ !View
Matava is deliberately situated so as to maximize your experience and spirit of adventure. To highlight breathtaking views, some accommodation bures are high up with steps and steep paths so our guests need a reasonable degree of agility and fitness. We are well away from population centers and the inevitable damage they cause to the environment. There are no roads, honking traffic or pollution, just the sounds of wildlife and waves breaking out on the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. You are embarking on an exciting adventure that we are sure you will remember for the rest of your life.
The following information should help maximize your experience.

Getting Here (for those that believe that the journey is part of the adventure)…

Fiji’s main International airport is in Nadi on the main island of Viti Levu.  The Fiji Airways local regional carrier is called Fiji Link and operates a once daily return flights to Kadavu Island from Nadi International Airport on most days of the week and Suva Airport once a week. You can see flight details or book at These flights usually depart late morning but times can vary. It is essential that you double check your flight departure time the day before you travel.

The domestic flight from Nadi takes approximately 40 minutes. Restroom facilities are available at Kadavu airport though very little else. You are now officially off the beaten track !

Upon arrival you will be met by one of our boatmen who will load you and your luggage into a truck for a 5 minute ride to our guest transfer boat. The truck may stop for a few minutes along the way to collect some resort supplies. Our boat will be waiting at anchor in a small calm mangrove bay. Start Your AdventureDepending on the tide, you may have to walk out in ankle deep water to board and disembark.  Water is available on the transfer boat. For smaller groups, transfers are by “longboat” – Kadavus version of a taxi! Long boats are not covered so we recommend you  have sunscreen and sunglasses handy. The ride to the resort takes about 45 minutes depending on the tide and weather conditions. It is a wonderful scenic ride so you might wish to have your camera handy.

Your Bure (Fijian for house – think chalet, Fiji style)

There is nothing quite like a sleep in your amazing private Oceanview or Honeymoon bure bed. Just a few meters away, picture windows open to a view of the Pacific Ocean and the gentle rumble of surf upon the barrier reef, while all around you is natural rain forest with unique tropical Fijian wildlife.

They are crafted from solid sustainable Fijian wood, with high ceilings and picture windows displaying uninterrupted ocean views. With all natural materials and polished wood finishes, the bures have a unique natural ambiance.

Facilities your bure will have:-

5* mattress (same quality manufactured for 5* hotels), fine cotton sheets, extra blankets for warmth, en-suite bathroom with 24hrs solar hot water, 12V solar lighting, private deck, amazing views, power socket and a ceiling fan during the summer months.

Facilities your bure will not have:

Air-con, phone, TV, fridge, iron, hairdryer

All guest are provided with bath towels, hand towels and soap in accommodation bathrooms. Guest should bring their own additional toiletries such as shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste etc. Beach towels are available on request.


Meals at Matava are a blend of local and international cuisine. The menu takes advantage of local seasonal produce and the day’s fresh produce. Bread is baked daily and the resort boasts its own organic vegetable farm. We generally seat everybody together for meals. Dining together is fun and helps guests meet each other. Private dining on your own bure deck can be arranged for special occasions.

Coffee and tea are available complimentary from early morning until late evening.

We cater for vegetarians, vegans, lactose / gluten intolerant. Please do not consider coming to the South Pacific if you have a severe coconut allergy!


The beach in front of the Resort is brown sand going out to sea grass flats, then fringing coral reef and lagoon. There are several nearby white sand beaches that guest can swim, snorkel or kayak to for snorkeling or just to hang out in privacy. The Area is a Marine Reserve with excellent snorkeling.


We use renewable energy resources wherever possible. Our limited power is developed using solar technology. All hot water is generated with heat from the sun (with backup if needed – we’d like to say the sun shines 365 days a year but…)

Paths are deliberately not lit at night as it interferes with the local wildlife (fruit bats, owls etc) and also spoils the ambiance. Bring a head torch to get around at night and we will also give you a solar LED table light to get you safely from A to B. It takes a night to get used to it and then you won’t want it any other way. We are one of the few remaining places left on the planet without light pollution.
Bures have 12v lighting but limited mains power. Ceiling fans run during the evenings until late at night during the summer months . The bures do not have air conditioning or fridges. Hairdryers are out! Solar generated 240V power is available in our main bure for charging cameras, strobes, laptops etc. It is on all day until early evening. We ask people to help us make use of the available solar power by bringing spare rechargeable batteries so they can use one set, whilst recharging the other set. There are no telephones or power sockets in your bure. Congratulations ! You are officially ‘off the grid’!

Please make sure all batteries, plastic and items difficult to dispose of soundly in a remote area leave when you leave. If you pack it in then please pack it out.


The resort offers WiFi access through purchase by credit card. Wireless service covers the main bure and is available through the day and evening. Connection speeds are good and data is unlimited. The system is provided by Digicel Fiji who are responsible for pricing. You can buy 1 hour / 1 day / 3 day or 1 week bundles. We do have an internet etiquette policy which we respectfully ask you to abide by. To cut to the chase it says please separate internet time and social time. There are plenty of places to take yourself away, be on the internet then leave it behind. We are trying very hard not to let the 21st century take the art of conversation with new people and existing friends away from Matava. If that’s not for you then we are probably not either.

Making a Booking

A Non-refundable 20% Booking Deposit is required for a confirmed Booking. This is based on your selected Package.  Guests can use our secure facility here Matava Secure Facility to safely send their credit card information to the Resort Office. The office will then process your Booking Deposit and send a formal Confirmation / Receipt.

The Package balance is due 30 days before you are due to arrive at the Resort. The recommended method of payment is by bank wire transfer. Guests settling their balance by credit card will incur a 5% Administration fee. (Booking Deposits made by credit card are not subject to any fees) Guests wishing to make a reservation for travel within 30 days are required to pay the full Package amount for a Confirmed Booking. Under certain circumstances, guests can arrange to pay their Package Balance when they check-out.

Please make sure you already have your domestic flights to Kadavu  booked before making a reservation with the Resort.

You can see our full Booking Terms and Conditions here: Matava Terms & Conditions

Check-out & Payments at the Resort

There are no banks on Kadavu and, as you can imagine, this sometimes makes things a little difficult! As a consequence of this, we prefer guests to settle their bill (or part of it) in Fiji Dollars cash. We recommend you obtain any cash you require at the ANZ bank in Nadi International Airport. We are also happy to accept all major currencies including Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Euros and US Dollars. Should you wish to settle via credit card, we do accept VISA & MasterCard. Please note that if you wish to settle your bill by credit card, there will be a 5% administration surcharge.  Guests are welcome to wire funds to our bank account prior to travel.

All prices quoted at the bar, on our website and around the resort on any literature are F$ cash prices.

The resort transfer boat to the airport usually departs at about 10:00am however times can vary depending on Fiji Link flight times. We double check flight departure times every morning.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that all guests take out adequate travel insurance which covers accident, loss caused by cancellations, loss of luggage, personal property, ill, health medical expenses, medical evacuation and weather disruption / cancellations (including activity cancellations). It is mandatory that guests intending on participating in diving activities have insurance cover, ensure their insurance covers them for SCUBA related activities and has appropriate ‘depth’ coverage. Guests must provide evidence of appropriate dive insurance to Dive Centre staff before diving at Matava Resort.

The Weather

Kadavu has a typical tropical climate with the winter months being May to October and the summer being November to April. Summer months, particularly January to March are hot and humid with air temperatures peaking around 85F. Winter air temperatures rarely fall as low as 65 but the evenings can be relatively chilly in a breeze. Winter is often characterized by South Easterly Trade winds which can last a week or so. Most trade winds are mild however some can be quite windy. If you are visiting in winter time we recommend a good mix of clothes, T shirts and shorts for the days but something warm for the evenings. You can see more detailed information on the weather here Kadavu Weather

If you are diving and bringing your own wet suit, we recommend a 3mm shortie during the summer and a 5mm long during the winter.

Medical facilities

We have a hospital on the island which is well equipped and about 45 minutes by boat. There is a nursing station within 10 minutes boat ride.
These facilities are great for most people – those with conditions which may require specialist or urgent attention should consider carefully whether to venture to such a remote place.
Flights out are only once a day (and not on Sunday) – medivac is available but not at night.
Boat trips at night to the hospital are not guaranteed – depending on tide etc – as it could put the client, crew and boat in danger if conditions are not right so it is possible that someone would need to wait until the next day to leave the resort for specialist medical attention if necessary.

Packing List

Head torch – essential for the resort (Petzl make some great little LED ones)
Sun Screen (waterproof SPF 15 minimum and probably higher)
Sunglasses and a hat for protection from the sun
Water bottle – we don’t supply plastic bottles of water where possible (for obvious reasons), please refill your own at the water filter station
Insect repellent – Bures have mosquito nets and screening, but we don’t use any poisons or pesticides. Mosquito repellant can be bought at the resort. There is no Malaria in Fiji
Water footwear for walking out to boats in shallow water at low tide

Dive certification, log book and insurance (if intending to dive)

Airline Tickets and itinerary
Passport (valid for at least 6 months after the date you are due to leave Fiji)
Cash and Credit Cards
Travel Insurance including Dive Insurance if appropriate
Copies of above – carried separately in case of loss

Sport sandals or flip flops / Slip-on-off shoes for evenings
Comfortable hiking shoes
Cap or hat
Shorts (quick drying)
T-shirts / Lightweight shirts for sun protection
Long sleeved sweatshirt or fleece and jeans (winter evenings)
Swimwear / beach towel
Long trousers (lightweight – plane and transfers)
Lightweight waterproof jacket

Other Things
Prescription glasses and spare (+ hard case)
Personal medications, including something for motion sickness if you need it
Bring enough batteries (and be prepared to take them away with you)
Toiletries including tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo
Feminine Hygiene products. (There are only a handful of basic shops on Kadavu where you can get a loaf of bread, some tinned food and not much else. Things we take for granted that we can ‘pop out’ to get at home are mostly not available on the island. We can of course help you out and worse case fly things in from the main island but you probably want to be self sufficient. We wouldn’t mention it if we didn’t get asked all the time)
Camera (charger / spare batteries). We can charge batteries during the day on solar. Ideally bring two sets of batteries so that you can charge one set whilst you use the other
Ziplok freezer bags to keep things dry and organizing gear
Neck wallet / bum bag (fanny pack!) etc.
Laptop computer / iPod / Music player
Reading material
Notebook / pens
Antiseptic cream, anti-itch cream, Imodium, band aids, tweezers etc with your toiletries

Dive Gear
Certification card, log book and insurance certificate
Regulator – 1st stage, 2nd stage, alternate air source (essential) and SPG
Dive computer
Wetsuit (see guide)
DIN to A-clamp adaptor if needed
Booties, Mask, Snorkel, Fins
U/W torch and batteries (take batteries home)
Mesh Bag
Safety sausage and whistle / Dive Alert

Underwater Photo Equipment
Camera, housing and ports, O’rings and O-ring grease
Lenses (and appropriate ports) and filters
Spare media cards
Cables for downloading
Batteries (+ spare set for all kit) and chargers

** Sunscreen
Statistics show that approximately 4 to 6 thousand tons of sunscreen are washed off in coral reef areas
every year. Standard sunscreen contains chemicals that have been found to cause rapid and complete
bleaching of hard corals, even at extremely low concentrations.
Those chemicals include:
Oxybenzone (benzophenone-3) / Octyl methoxycinnamate (octinoxate) / Propylene glycol and Butylparaben / Camphor / Cinnamate
We recommend you obtain biodegradable sunscreen such as Reef Safe or other similar sunscreens
which are available from most SCUBA Dive centers and shops.

We are always adding / amending the list. If we have made a glaring omission or you have some useful ideas that would be good to add, please let us know.