Terms and Conditions


A non-refundable deposit of 20% on accommodation or any all-inclusive package quote is required to secure a confirmed booking. The Package balance is due 30 days before you arrive. The minimum deposit amount is F$100. Visa and MasterCard are accepted by the resort. Booking deposits are not refundable.
We have a Secure  on-line facility set-up here: Matava Secure Credit Card Facility . Guests can use this facility to safely and securely sent their credit card details to the Resort Booking Office. The Resort will then use those details to process the required Booking Deposit and send you a formal Booking Confirmation and Receipt.

The balance of your booked Package is due 30 days before arrival date. Our preferred method of payment is by bank wire transfer. Balances paid by credit card will incur a 5% Admin Fee (Booking Deposits are not subject to any credit card Admin fees).

Matava: Is the trading name for Tapae Ltd – a company fully incorporated in Fiji and hereafter referred to as Matava.

Payment: A non-refundable deposit of 20% (minimum F$100) is required to secure all bookings. Full payment for bookings is due 30 days prior to arrival. Guests failing to pay the balance due 30 days prior to arrival will lose their Booking Deposit and Matava reserves the right to re-sell accommodation not paid for by the due date.

Payment Method: Prices and package prices are quoted in various currencies and represent the F$ equivalent amount to be received by Matava in Fiji. Payment is accepted by F$, US$, Travelers Cheque, Mastercard or Visa or by direct transfer to one of our Bank accounts. Any charges incurred in remitting the funds to Matava will be born by you. There is no fee for paying Booking Deposits by credit card however balance payments by credit card and any payments by credit card at the Resort, are subject to a 5% Administration Fee.

Pricing: All published prices are INCLUSIVE of VAT, ‘Service Turnover Tax’ and the Fiji Environment & Climate Adoption Levy however are subject to possible changes, without prior notice, in case of sudden or unexpected cost increases. Prices do not include taxes not specified in the price list or changes in tax rates, or other charges that governments or service providers may impose from time to time. Guests will be responsible for paying any such additional taxes / charges on checkout. . We will communicate any changes to you as soon as the details are made available to Matava.

Prices are valid from the 1st April to the 31st March. Where a booking is made before the end of a calendar year for an arrival date after 31st March in the next year, the current prices will apply only if full payment is made on or before 31 December of the current year. i.e. current prices apply if you make full payment before the end of the year.

Packages: Packages are ‘all inclusive’ and can not be broken down into component parts.

Dive Group packages: Any diving package booked for 5 or more divers is defined as a dive group package. Dives must be taken by the group, as a group, in multiples of 2 tanks (2 tank dive) a day until the package is exhausted. Individuals within the group may not choose to refrain from diving on a particular day and carry forward part of their package to use at a later date. Afternoon and night dives cannot be taken as part of the package unless agreed in advance. A relaxation of this policy can be arranged with prior agreement however additional costs incurred by Matava will be included in the cost of the package. Dive packages / dives are not transferable to other guests or group members. FOC places may be offered to dive groups from time to time. Free accommodation will be allocated on availability.

Packages do not include: Airfares, dive gear hire, beverages, bar tab at the resort, activities unless stated or any other purchases. The resort supplies tanks and weights included in the price of any dive. All dives are boat dives unless otherwise stated.

Booking Procedure: Bookings can be made by either telephone,email or using Matava’s on-line reservation system. Matava will email a return confirmation and request a deposit. Once the deposit has been taken the booking will be deemed to have been made.

Matava resort’s right to refuse any booking: Matava resort reserves the absolute right to refuse to book any person as a guest or activity participant – for any good & just cause – such as Matava resort deeming that the applicant’s health, conditioning, attitude, temperament, diving qualifications, preparedness (or any other factors) make him or her unfit, — especially if that unfit applicant might be a hazard to the safety, comfort, enjoyment or peace of mind of any other guests.

Documentation: A passport only is required for citizens of the United States, Australia, EEC and New Zealand. The passport needs to be valid for three months after the return from travel. For other nationalities, please contact your nearest Fijian Consulate.

All scuba divers must be medically fit to participate in SCUBA diving activities and hold current certification from an accredited and well recognized diving organization. Proof of certification will be requested prior to diving. Guests will be required to sign liability waiver and assumption of risk documents prior to participation in any water based activities. (For example, the standard PADI Boat Travel & SCUBA Diving Assumption of Risk forms). Refusal by a guest to sign such documents will prevent the resort from providing such activities. No refunds will be given in circumstances where a guest refuses to sign the appropriate documentation.

Accommodation Substitutions: Matava reserves the right, at any time for good & just cause – such as an act of God, an emergency or an on-site facility problem – to substitute alternative accommodation. Should substituted accommodation of the same standard is not available a rebate / service in kind will be offered.

Children Policy: Matava does not automatically accept bookings for children. Due to our remote location, limited power, no television and our restaurant policies, the resort may not be suitable for all children. Bookings for families should be discussed with us on an individual basis. Matava does not automatically allow junior divers to dive.

Guest Responsibility: Guests are required to follow any directions given whilst participating in any activities. We reserve the right to restrict or withhold any activity or service where we believe that the acts or behavior of a guest may endanger other guests or staff of the resort or detract from other guest’s enjoyment of their activity or stay. An example of this would be if a diver ignored instructions from a divemaster or boat passenger ignored instructions from the driver / skipper. Further activities might, in such a case, be withdrawn. In extreme cases, the management reserves the right to ask the guest(s) responsible to leave the resort. In either case, the full charge relating to guest’s booking will be levied and no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Any action by a guest which is described as illegal under the laws of the Fiji Islands will result in that guest being removed from the premises and the appropriate authorities informed.

Insurance: Matava does not accept responsibility for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which may be caused directly or indirectly by events outside of the company control, such as late arrival of domestic or international flights, ill health, civil disturbance, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, act of God, act of Government, or the failure of any machinery or equipment. Additionally, Matava will not accept any responsibility for any injury, guest loss of or damage to personal equipment and property whilst staying at the resort, or during participation in any activity.

If you wish to dive, Insurance that covers recreational Diving is Mandatory.

We strongly recommend that all guests take out adequate travel insurance which covers accident, loss caused by cancellations, loss of luggage, personal property, ill, health medical expenses, medical evacuation and weather disruption / cancellations (including activity cancellations). Guests intending on participating in diving activities must have insurance and must ensure it covers them for SCUBA related activities and has appropriate ‘depth’ coverage.

Diving Insurance: Diving Insurance is Mandatory – All guests wishing to dive with Matava Resort / Mad Fish Dive Centre must have insurance that covers Diving and present that evidence when checking into the dive centre. Diving Insurance must include coverage for emergency local and international air evacuation and chamber costs if required. If you fail to provide evidence of adequate Diving Insurance, you will not be permitted to dive. If you are unable to provide evidence of such insurance, you will still be charged for any diving booked as part of an all-inclusive Package.

Cancellation & Refund Policy: Matava is willing to accommodate changes to reservations if an emergency need arises. Changes to reservations will cause the itinerary to be re-priced at the current pricing for the re-booked dates. If re-booking is requested, Matava resort cannot guarantee availability or price for new requested dates.

Matava offers a full refund less deposit taken and F$100 cancellation & administration fee, if reservations are cancelled 30 days or more prior to arrival (60 days for group bookings). Bookings cancelled within 29 days (59 days for group bookings) of arrival will be charged in full.

Unused portions of the diving, fishing, food or accommodation packages not taken by the customer’s choice or diving and fishing cancelled as a result of inclement weather and or acts of God are non-transferable and non-refundable. Matava will try to accommodate changes to diving and fishing schedules due to inclement weather and or acts of God. Multiple dives (2 tank, 8 tank, 10 tank etc. must be taken in multiples of 2 on each boat trip – generally 2 tanks per day). Dives cannot be split, taken singly or transferred to other persons.

No refunds will be given where a guest fails to complete a dive, dive course or fails to participate in pre-booked activities because of ill health or diving safety reasons. An example of this would be (but is not limited to) “I couldn’t get down because I couldn’t equalize”. No refunds will be given where a guest fails to use accommodation, food or any activity such as fishing or diving services included in a package, simply because he or she chose not to use said services. Examples of such free-choice decisions not to use paid-for services include but are not limited to, “I was too tired;” or “I changed my mind after arriving.”

Payment of a Booking Deposit by any means is deemed to convey acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and subject to the Courts of the Fiji Islands. Fijian law does not require facilities to be A.D.A (American Disabilities Act) compatible. Matava resort is located in a remote setting and does not have handicap or semi-handicap facilitates.