Matava now a Certified Member of Best Eco Lodges

Matava is now a member of Best Eco LodgesBest Eco Lodges features the top eco friendly hotels, eco resorts and green hotels in the world. Best Eco Lodges‘ goal is to create awareness among eco travelers about genuine sustainable lodgings worldwide.

All hotels and lodges featured on the Best Eco Lodges website have been hand-picked to ensure that they meet the eco friendly requirements to be an ecological and environmentally friendly accommodation and offer fellow travelers an unforgettable experience.Best Eco Lodge Cerified

How do they choose the best eco lodges and hotels?

Best Eco Lodges define Eco Lodges to have the following ECO FRIENDLY REQUIREMENTS:

  • Be energy efficient
  • Protect the environment – its flora, fauna and landscape
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Support, respect and benefit local culture and economy

What does it mean practically to the traveller?

You will find below a list of the most common examples of what Eco Friendly Lodges commit to. This list is NON exhaustive.


  • Use solar panels or other alternative energy to heat water.
  • Use Alternative energy resources such as solar or wind energy.
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps.
  • All carbon dioxide emissions that are produced directly by the hotel are offset through the support of renewable energy projects in other parts of the world.


  • Wide recycling program. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.
  • Organic gardening practices (non-use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers).
  • Organic vegetable garden and use of local food products.
  • Organic kitchen waste is composted on site and used in the hotel gardens.
  • Native plant species in the gardens and hotel grounds.
  • Offering a sheet and towel reuse program whereby guests have their linens exchanged every three days instead of daily.
  • All linens and towels are made of organic cotton, hemp or bamboo.
  • Lead-free paints are used in the hotel’s interior and exterior painted surfaces.
  • Absolutely no use of plastic and non reusable cutlery.
  • Cleaning supplies are non-toxic and biodegradable.


  • Use of rain water and recycled water.
  • Installing low-flow toilets.
  • Installing low-flow shower heads.


  • Share socio-economic benefits with local communities and indigenous people by having their informed consent and participation in the management of ecotourism enterprises.
  • Promote sustainable use of bio diversity, by providing jobs to local or indigenous populations.
  • Have clear, written information and ideas for travelers on how they might get involved with local people and conservation in a rewarding way for them and the destination.
  • Participation in ecological projects off the hotel property.
  • Hotel tour guides are hired from the local community.

Being committed to protect the environment does not mean leaving comfort behind.

All the Best Eco Lodges featured on the website provide exceptional service and will make your responsible vacation a guilt free and unforgettable experience!
If you are a fellow traveler and know a great eco lodge, Best Eco Lodges would be happy to consider a place you’ve heard about.

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