Sea-kayaking in Kadavu

We’re featured in the latest issue of the Air Pacific in-flight magazine, Islands.

Sea-kayaking in Kadavu By Sarah Daniell

I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor in the community hall of an outer island village. Before me on a woven mat is a plate laden with home-made cakes and a jug of fresh lemon-leaf tea. “Kana vakalevu, eat plenty,” says Iokimi, an old Fijian guy sitting next to me. “We don’t like it when tourists come here and just pick at the food.”

It is not so much an invitation as an order to eat, and I’m not going to argue. We are, after all, in Kadavu (pronounced kan-da-vu), the island group whose name comes from two words: kana, to eat, and davo, to lie down. Eat and lie down. I like that.

I’m part of a group of travellers of various ages from various countries, sea-kayaking our way around the beautiful, road-less coastline of Kadavu Island, under the guidance of Tamarillo Active Travel.

Not only sea-kayaking; in fact each day our guides take us snorkelling in indescribably idyllic lagoons and lead us on short walks through the rainforest to swim in clear, natural pools beneath towering waterfalls.

Full article here: Air Pacific in-flight magazine feature on Tamarillo Active Travel (pdf).

Tropical Sea Kayaking in Kadavu, Fiji